AO Admission to English-based Program Entering in April 2024

AO Admission to English-based Graduate Program for Entering in April 2024

Recruitment of graduate students in Master’s and Doctoral Programs

We are looking for talented, dedicated students who are passionate about machine learning, optimization, and the data science field and can contribute in various ways. We particularly wait for students who have a strong background in mathematical theoretical approaches. Please see the details here.

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the application methods for admission are highly subject to influence. Please take a closer look at the latest announcement from the university admission office here.

For those who are interested in joining us as a student in the doctor’s/master’s/bachelor’s course, please send an application form with detailed information below. We do NOT accept any application via email.

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研究室では,最適化,機械学習,学習ベース信号処理の理論及び応用の研究分野に興味があり,関連する背景知識とスキル,研究実績を有する意欲的な修士課程の学生を募集しています.また,同分野に十分な研究業績がある博士後期課程学生を募集しています.特に,数理的理論に強い背景知識とスキルを有する学生を募集しています.詳しくは こちら をご覧ください.

大学院への入学に際しては,様々な受験制度があります.なお,新型コロナウィルスの影響に伴い予告なく選抜方法の変更なされますので,最新の入試情報を随時確認してください.詳しくは こちら をご覧ください.


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