Faculty member

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki KASAI
教授 笠井 裕之,博士(工学)


Student members

KASAI Laboratory is looking for talented, dedicated students passionate about researching all aspects of theoretical and applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Optimization, Signal Processing, and Data Science and having a strong background in mathematics or machine learning. Applicants from all countries and all ages are very welcome. Our laboratory is multinational.

If you are interested in joining us as a student in a doctor’s or master’s course, please send an application form below with detailed information. See here for entrance in more detail. 

  • Note that for students at Waseda University, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prof. Kasai directly via email.

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See the list of the members here.

    • 研究室メンバーリストは こちら です.



  • Makiko Katagiri (片桐 眞喜子) (since October 2020)