Faculty members

Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki KASAI
教授 笠井 裕之,博士(工学)

Asst. Prof. Quang N. Nguyen
助教 グエン ゴック クワン,博士(工学)
(since April 2020)


Student members

  • KASAI Laboratory started in April, 2020. We are looking for talented, dedicated students who are passionate about machine learning, optimization, signal processing, and data science, and have a strong background of mathematics. Contact directly Prof. Kasai via email (hiroyuki dot kasai at waseda dot jp) if you are interested in joining us. See here for entrance in more details. 
  • 2020年4月に開始した研究室です.機械学習,最適化理論,信号処理,データ科学に興味があり,数学に深い素養を有する意欲的な学生の参加を待っています.研究室に興味がある学生は,教員まで直接メール(hiroyuki dot kasai at waseda dot jp)にてコンタクトしてください.入学に関する詳細はこちらをご覧ください.

Master course

  • H. J. (since April 2020)

Bachelor course

  • T.F. (since April 2020)
  • Z.F. (since April 2020)
  • M.H. (since April 2020)
  • K.K. (since April 2020)
  • M.K. (since April 2020)
  • T.N. (since April 2020)

Visiting student member

  • R.H. (since April 2019)



  • Makiko Katagiri (since October 2020)